A Field Call is a personal visit by one of of our agents to the given address of a subject. On such visits, our instructions may be to simply establish contact with, or confirm the residency of a person, or supply a photograph of his home. The field call may also be made to re-establish contact with a subject for a client  and to  make a comprehensive statement of the subject’s affairs.

Field calls are an often underutilised tool available to our clients. They can be very cost effective, whether by achieving certain results without proceeding to more expensive legal options, or simply by using the results to determine the likelihood of success through legal action.

It is often the case, particularly with monies owing, that communication has broken down between the creditor and the debtor. An agent can re-establish communications between the creditor and the debtor, by acting as an intermediary in the process.

Field calls  are certainly not limited to matters relating to debt, although this is the main area in which this action is used. The field call may also update files on employment, contact telephone numbers, photographing the exterior of homes, and properties may also give a guide to the living standards of the occupant.

The cost of a field call  varies and depends on a number of factors, in the locality of the address, and what is actually required from the field call.

Discounts will be considered for clients with volume work.

We do not charge for any attempts made in trying to contact a subject, and only one quoted fee per job will be charged.

A field call is considered finished if:

  1. Contact is made with the subject;
  2. Contact has been made with the occupants at the address who indicate that the debtor has moved; or
  3. Contact has been made with the neighbours and they indicate that the subject has left the address. Basic location enquiries will be made if it discovered a subject has moved, such as determining rental agents, or possible forwarding addresses, or mobile, or telephone numbers.

Please contact us to discuss you field call needs and we will be able to provide you with an exact quote for the services you require.