Process serving is an important step in the wheels of the justice system. Our duty is to ensure that documents of all types and from all jurisdictions are correctly served upon individuals or companies.

Service rules and requirements vary depending on what each jurisdiction allows, with some documents requiring personal service while others may simply allow the documents to be left at the address in the letter box, or with some other person at the address.

There is sometimes a misconception that documents must be accepted by, or placed in the hands of, the person being served.  Within the Victorian (Australia) jurisdiction and in some other states, this is not the case. Service is considered to have occurred if, by necessity, the documents are simply placed in the presence of the person to be served, providing the nature of the documents have been explained to them at the time of service. This may be achieved by placing the documents on the doorstep in front of the person, following a conversation confirming the identity of the person. There are many variations of this method of service with details of such actions explained fully to the client and the court, in an affidavit of service.

The Challis Group staff are experts in the service of all manner of court and other processes. Our experienced team of  agents throughout Australia have a sense of pride in getting a document served, and it is this pride in our workmanship that often has us go above and beyond to ensure excellent service is achieved.

We aim to promptly attend to all matters, and make the first call within 24 hours of receipt. All reports and affidavits returned to clients are neat, tidy and where practical, computer generated.

Fees and charges for process serving vary widely, depending on the types of documents to be served and the locality of the service address, together with any difficulties which may be encountered whilst attempting to effect service. Our fees are generally  derived from the fees and charges recommended by Courts, or State legislation or regulations.

Discounts are offered to clients offering high volumes of process.

Some matters may attract additional fees, such as those which require URGENT service.